Blue Mantle has a Class A Virginia Contractors License. BMDC Offers 6 Service Specialties:

Professional Project Management | Structured Cabling | Smart Hands / Racking & Stacking | Custom Rack Builds | Pathways and Spaces | Deliverables
Blue Mantle Datacom

Professional Project Management

Our staff utilizes industry leading project management tools that provide complete visibility and transparency throughout the project lifecycle. This far surpasses simple phone calls, texts and emails. We understand that we are here to manage and install your infrastructure on your behalf.

During a time where travel can be restricted, it is paramount that the network which supports your company is protected. We’re boots on the ground and ready to be the liaison between on-site progress and your team. Our philosophy is to deliver professional results and this is the backbone of the Blue Mantle brand.

structured cabling
structured cabling

Structured Cabling

We can assist your team with the design and install of the copper and fiber infrastructure necessary to get your network up and running. Our team can help find the solution that best suits your connectivity needs, whether it is pre-term trunk cabling or field terminated applications. We have in-depth experience with all of the major manufacturers.


  • Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A
  • Multimode Fiber, Single Mode Fiber (mechanical and fusion splicing)
  • CATV

Smart Hands / Racking & Stacking

Your day-to-day cabling and network needs can change often. We have an extensive background in the typical hands-on activities of large and small networks. Has your equipment reached an “end of life” status? We can receive, inventory and install/replace your network components. We can move, add, or change equipment, connections and infrastructure to accommodate your daily needs.

racking and stacking

Custom Rack Builds

Does your firm have the need for custom rack builds? BMDC can provide expert guidance in the design and procurement of rack and cabinet assemblies – or simply take clients in the direction to procure them and build them to your specifications. Our team can build on-site, or off-site, providing a customized experience according to client requirements. If the build is off-site, we can arrange for white glove services to deliver, place, and secure the equipment per your specifications.


    Pathways and Spaces
    Pathways and Spaces

    Pathways & Spaces

    Hot and Cold Air Containment – Our skilled installation teams can receive and install all components related to your hot air or cold air containment needs.

    Overhead or Underfloor Cable Tray Conveyance – We provide the design and installation of overhead and underfloor pathways for all of your network cabling requirements. If your system calls for fiber pathways, copper pathways, or both…we’ve installed it all.

    Innerduct and Fabric Pathways – We can provide/install and fulfill all of your Innerduct or Maxcell pathway requirements. If you need a more protected pathway to a POP Room or you are simply planning for growth and want options for future expansion, we can help.


    At Blue Mantle, we pride ourselves in thorough documentation from the beginning to the end of the project.  You’ll have full visibility to project documentation, drawing versions, and test packages.  To close each project, a comprehensive handoff package will be generated as needed.

    • OTDR testing, Power Meter Testing, Certified Copper Testing; downloadable and complete test packages
    • As-Builts/CAD Drawings

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